BOX OFFICE: Domestic Titles Keep on Dominating Serbian Box Office Charts in 2023

    Guardians of the Formula by Dragan Bjelogrlić Guardians of the Formula by Dragan Bjelogrlić photo: Aleksandar Letić

    BELGRADE: Domestic cinema kept its most prominent position in the Serbian box office charts in 2023 with four feature films making it to the annual box office list of the year. Dragan Bjelogrlić’s Guardians of the Formula had the best box office of the year but less admissions than Barbie.

    Dragan Bjelogrlić’s fourth feature film Guardians of the Formula / Čuvari formule, produced by Cobra Film and coproduced by Ton Film, Perfo Production, Bitter Frames Production and Film Studio Skopje, cashed in 1.16 m EUR / 136,421,783 RSD from 253,889 admissions, while Barbie topped the admissions charts with 268,810 admissions and 1.11 m EUR / 131,017,883 RSD gross.

    The year 2023 saw 4,234,127 total admissions compared to 3,710,603 in 2022 and 3,355,838 in 2021, according to Film Center Serbia.

    The GBO in 2023 was approximately 19.4 m EUR / 2,271,130,953 RSD.

    Radivoje Andrič comedy Dudes: Again! / Munje: Opet!, produced by Romario and Yodi Movie Craftsman, in coproduction with TV Prva, came sixth with 124,865 admissions, whereas Luka Mihailović’s debut feature Indigo Crytal / Indigo Kristal, produced by Archangel Studios and coproduced by Režim in cooperation with the RTS – Radio Television Serbia, the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, the Municipality of Šabac and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, took the seventh position with 116,489 admissions.

    Miloš Radunović’s first feature Storm / Oluja occupied the tenth position with 86,327 admissions. Three more premiere Serbian features made it to the top 50.

    Other foreign hits of the year were Oppenheimer (194,286 admissions), Avatar. The Way of the Water (146,941 admissions), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (134,830 admissions), The Nun 2 (90,210 admissions) and The Little Mermaid (90,113 admissions).