FNE at FEST 2024: Los Alamos

    Los Alamos by Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt Los Alamos by Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt credit: Montage

    BELGRADE: Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt’s thriller Los Alamos had both its national and international premiere in the FEST 52 section of the 52nd edition of FEST (23 February - 3 March 2024). The film is an independent production.

    The plot revolves around a fugitive Air Force general who kidnaps a famous film actress.

    Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt wrote the script and he also edited the film and composed the score.

    The main roles are played by Slavko Štimac, Ana Bretšnajder, Miloš Tanasković, Violeta Goldman and Dejan Vlaisaljavić Nikt himself.

    Los Alamos was produced by Serbian companies Montage, Remaining Light and Griffith’s Riders.

    The film was shot during the course of 2023 on various locations around Belgrade with a budget of nearly 91,370 EUR.

    At this point, no concrete release or distribution plans have been confirmed.

    Production Information:

    Los Alamos by Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt, credit: MontageProducers:
    Montage (Serbia)
    Remaining Light (USA)
    Griffith’s Riders (USA)
    Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt
    Scriptwriter: Dejan Vlaisavljević Nikt
    DoP: Predrag Bambić
    Cast: Slavko Štimac, Ana Bretšnajder, Miloš Tanasković, Violeta Goldman, Dejan Vlaisaljavić Nikt, Saša Radojević, Goran Koljanin, Nebojša Pajkić, Petar Milošević, Jovana Stević, Arnaud Humbert, Aleksandra Širkić, Predrag Bambić, Đorđe Matić, Dušan Šušnjar Feniks