PRODUCTION: I Mean It, Lord in Postproduction

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: Slovak director Iva Kúšiková finished principal shooting I Mean It, Lord, a TV documentary on the deportation of nuns into labour camps in the 1950's, and began editing in May 2012.

    Through the memories of the nuns who are still alive, the film will be not only a portrait of the past, but also a reflection of the intimate motivations of young intelectuals who are deciding nowadays whether to enter a monastery.

    Barbara Harumová Hessová is producing together with AH production
    in co-production with Konferencia vyššsich predstavených - KVPŽR (www.kvpzr.sk).TheSlovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk) is supporting the film. The budget is 60,000 Euro, Harumová Hessová told FNE.

    Myslím to vážne, Pane / I mean it, lordwas written by Kúšiková and Ingrid Mayerová. Vlado Biskupič is the DOP. Shooting took place at Bratislava, Leopoldov, Kláštor pod Znievom, Ladce, Beckov, Podolínec, Hronský Beňadik, Slovenská Ľupča, Močenok - Voderady ČR: Nejdek, Trutnov and Varnsdorf, between March 2011 and May 2012.

    "We finished shooting on May 19, but we will probably need some additional days of shooting," Barbara Harumová Hessová told FNE. The film will be a minimum of 52 minutes and is set to be finished in November 2012, although the premiere is not yet set.

    Production Information

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    851 10 Bratislava, Slovakia

    www.ah.sk (under construction)

    Phone: +421 908 786 843

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    Director: Iva Kúšiková

    Script: Iva Kúšiková

    Ingrid Mayerová

    DOP: Vlado Biskupič