PRODUCTION: Slovak Documentary Indiano from Zihlava

By Iulia Blaga

    BRATISLAVA: Miro Remo is in production with Indiano from Zihlava, a long documentary on the amateur Slovak films of the late 1970's.

    The directors of hundreds of such films "tried to express themselves creatively in a time when any permitted self-realization and public presentation fell under the ideological surveillance of the Communist Party.

    The film is about one of them, bizarrely reflecting the world around us," the producer Barbara Harumová Hessová told FNE. She is producing for AH Production (www.ah.sk), with financial support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk). The budget is 55,000 Euro.

    Indiano zo Žihľavy/Indiano from Zihlava is written by Miroslav Remo and Miro Remo. Jaroslav Vaľko and Ivo Miko are the DOP's. Shooting started in 2011, and the film is set to be finished in 2013. No premiere date has been scheduled yet, and there is no sales agent attached to the project yet.


    Production Information

    AH Productions

    Irkutska 14/D

    851 10 Bratislava, Slovakia

    www.ah.sk (under construction)

    Phone: +421 908 786 843

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Director: Miro Remo

    Script: Miroslav Remo

    Miro Remo

    DOP: Jaroslav Vaľko

    Ivo Miko