Dušan Hanák's Pictures of the Old World Released on DVD in the UK


    BRATISLAVA: Pictures of the Old World (1972) directed by Dušan Hanák is to appear on DVD in the United Kingdom. This is the third film to be released by the Second Run DVD company in a series of Slovak films appearing on DVD for English-speaking audiences. Second Run specialises in re-releasing art movies of various languages and cultures from around the world.

    Pictures of the Old World screened internationally and at many festivals. It features old people from the rural regions of Liptov and Orava. It was nominated for the Oscars, the Golden Sestertius in Lyon and the Grand Prix in Munich.

    Hanák’s film is the third to be released by Second Run, after Sun in a Net (1963) by Štefan Uher and Birds, Orphans and Fools (1969) by Juraj Jakubisko.