Slovak Hit All or Nothing Sets Opening Record

     All or Nothing by Marta Ferencová All or Nothing by Marta Ferencová

    BRATISLAVA: Marta Ferencová’s romantic comedy All or Nothing / Všetko alebo nič set an opening record in Slovak cinemas with 64,931 admissions. The script was penned by Eva Urbaníková based on her bestseller published in 2007.

    All or Nothing by Marta FerencováThis romantic comedy about relationships, starring Táňa Pauhofová, Klára Issová and Michał Żebrowski, was released by Continental Film with 68,352 admissions and 353,959 EUR gross during the first week. Together with Czech audience the film has reached approximately 118,000 admissions.

    All or Nothing by Marta FerencováThe film hit Slovak and Czech cinemas on 12 January 2017. In Poland it will be released by Best Film Co in March 2017.

    All or Nothing is a Slovak/Czech coproduction produced by NUNEZ NFE s.r.o. in coproduction with Evita Film Production s.r.o. and Czech MOJO Film s.r.o.

    The Slovak Audiovisual Fund supported it with 100,000 EUR and financial support came also from the Czech State Cinematography Fund.

    All or Nothing defeated the 2016 domestic hit The Red Captain directed by Michal Kollár and produced by Sokol Kollar, which sold 36,328 tickets during the first week and eventually got in the total admissions top ten in 2016.