All or Nothing Scores at Slovak and Czech Box Office

    All or Nothing by Marta Ferencová All or Nothing by Marta Ferencová

    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak/Czech romantic comedy All or Nothing by Marta Ferencová held on to third place in both Slovak and Czech cinemas during its fifth week in release.

    It is doing especially well in Slovakia, where it was released by Continental Film, amassing 270,000 admissions and 1.4 m EUR in box office with distribution on 72 screens.

    The film was in the first place in Czech cinemas last week, released by Bioscop and has now topped 28 m CZK in box office, just over 1 m EUR and nearly 200,000 admissions, showing on only 44 screens.

    The film was directed by Slovak director Marta Ferencova and stars Slovak actress Tatiana Pauhofova. It was produced by NUNEZ NFE and coproduced by MOJO Film and Evita Film Production. The 1.35 m EUR film received support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and the Czech Cinematography Fund.