FNE at Slovak Film Week: Little Feather

    Little Feather by Lucia Klein Svoboda and Petr Klein Svoboda Little Feather by Lucia Klein Svoboda and Petr Klein Svoboda

    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Film Week, a showcase of domestic production organised by the Slovak Film and Television Academy from 3 to 9 April 2017, will introduce the drama Little Feather / Pirko directed by Lucia Klein Svoboda and Petr Klein Svoboda.

    The film stars Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA) nominated actress Dominika Zeleníková-Morávková nominated for best leading actress at the Sun in a Net national awards, which will be announced on 7 April 2017 as part of the Slovak Film Week event.

    She plays the role of Martina, who leaves a foster home in Eastern Slovakia upon reaching adulthood and plans to join her older boyfriend Roman in Prague. Before she leaves, she promises to pick up her best friend Jana once she turns 18.

    Lucia Klein Svoboda developed the story based on her work experience while she was helping young prostitutes to integrate. ”I was writing the script for twelve years. Everything in the film is composed of fragments of those girls' stories. I am not a filmmaker, but I found the medium of film to be able to best communicate the importance of the topic and reach many people to open a proper discussion,“ she said.

    The debut film of the directorial duo Lucia Klein Svoboda and Petr Klein Svoboda was produced by Czech Goodmind and Slovak TA-SPORT. The Slovak/Czech coproduction premiered internationally at 20th Black Nights IFF in Estonia.

    Bontonfilm released Little Feather in October 2016. Goodmind is handling the sales.

    Production information:

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    Directors: Lucia Klein Svoboda, Petr Klein Svoboda
    Scriptwriter: Lucia Klein Svoboda
    DoP: Asen Šopov
    Editor: Jan Daňhel
    Sound: Pavel Dvořák
    Music: Ľubica Malachovská Čekovská
    Set design: Lucia Klein Svoboda
    Costumes: Kristýna Čuříková
    Cast: Dominika Zeleníková-Morávková, Tibor Kotlár, Viktória Šuplatová, Martin Finger, Tamás Gál, Boleslav Polívka