Slovakia Launches Film Commission


    BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Audiovisual Fund has announced the establishment of its new Slovak Film Agency / Slovak Film Commission. Zuzana Bielikova has been named the manager of the film agency.

    She will be concentrating on promoting Slovakia as a filming destination and presenting Slovakia abroad at industry events.

    Bielikova, who graduated in film production from FAMU, has 15 years of experience in the industry. Her bid for the position was supported by the leading film organisations in Slovakia.

    Zuzana Bielikova said, "The ultimate goal of SFC is to achieve a stable and welcoming film environment that is able to compete with other countries. The commission will present Slovakia as a film country offering producers favourable conditions for shooting their films, or parts of them, here. With the right adjustments, SFC should become an independent mediator between Slovak and foreign filmmakers, as well as institutions at local or national level. It will also actively involve foreign filmmakers with their Slovak partners and help coordinate their activities".

    Slovakia offers a 20% cash rebate on all eligible filmmaking expenses, with no annual cap on funding support. The per project cap is 50% of the film’s total budget.