FESTIVALS: Fest Anča 2020 Announces Winners


    ZILINA: The Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2020 gave its main competition award to the French short film I’m Going Out For Cigarettes by Osman Cerfon.

    The award for best film in the Slovak competition went to this year’s much anticipated and popular SH_T HAPPENS by David Štumpf and Michaela Mihályi, along with a prize of 1,000 EUR. The film premiered last year in Venice and also screened at the Sundance Festival. Awards also went to directors from Estonia and Poland.

    The festival, which concluded on 30 August 2020, concentrates on animated short films. It is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund

    Festival director Ivana Sujová said, “It’s great that we could present a quality selection of captivating narrative films, as well as some experimental and psychedelic animation. All films in the main competitive section are excellent. Local production is strongly represented in the competitive sections and awards, which shows that our local talent can produce internationally renowned content.”

    The winning films are:

    Anča Award:
    I’m Going Out For Cigarettes (France)
    Directed by Osman Cerfon

    Anča Award Special Mention:
    Cosmonaut (Estonia)
    Directed by Kaspar Jancis

    Anča Student Award:
    Tom Has a Plant (Denmark)
    Directed by Thinh Nguyen

    Anča Student Award Special Mention:
    The Little Soul (Poland)
    Directed by Barbara Rupik

    Anča Music Video Award:
    P/\ST: Tíseň (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Bety Suchanová, Nora Štrbová

    Anča Music Video Special Mention:
    Lightning Bolt: Blow to the Head (USA)
    Directed by Caleb Wood

    Anča Slovak Award:
    SH_T HAPPENS (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France)
    Directed by Michaela Mihályi and David Štumpf

    Anča Slovak Award Special Mention:
    Ka-Boom!: Flood (Slovakia)
    Directed by Veronika Kocourková

    Anča Kid’s Award:
    Heat Wave (Greece)
    Directed by Fokion