New Cinemax in Slovakia

By Jana Kadlecova
    Cinemax (www.cine-max.sk), the exhibitor of the multi-cinema chain Cinemax, opened a 7-screen multiplex in the Slovak city Kosice on November 29.

    The new multiplex, located in the shopping centre Optima II, will be the biggest outside the capital city Bratislava.

    "Our investment rose very high," Michal Drobny, vice-president of Cinemax told FNE. "The technological part cost 991,407 euros (SK 30 million), and the construction part was even more expensive. "

    Cinemax in Kosice is the ninth Slovak multiplex in the Cinemax chain. Drobny said it was a complicated process, taking 15 years to get the finances, partners, location, and courage to carry out the project.

    He notes that economic return depends on the general utilization of the cinemas. "If the space is used the whole day long - not only for films screening but also for promo events, seminars, symposiums, theatre, concerts - then we plan the return on investment in seven or nine years," said Drobny.

    The plan is to screen daily 10 to 15 titles, from 10.30 a.m. until midnight. The number of average daily screenings should be around 30. Drobny expects 300,000 visitors a year. The experience with Cinemax in other Slovak cities proves that Cinemax increased the number of cinema visitors.

    Drobny is also marketing manager for Slovak distributor Continental Film, which is a 30% shareholder in Cinemax in Slovakia.