Markiza to launch new channel

By Jana Kadlecova

    Slovak commercial television station TV Markiza (www.markiza.sk) announced it will launch a new channel, TV Doma.

    "We can confirm, that TV Markiza asked the Slovak Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission (http://www.rada-rtv.sk/web/home) to allot the license for a full-area digital television broadcasting monotype programme service via satellite and cables. This Tuesday TV Markiza took part in a presentation," Markiza spokeswoman Olga Dubravska told FNE.

    The new TV will be called TV Doma, which translates as TV at Home. Markiza has to begin broadcasting within two years from the granting of the license.

    "We have the ambition to bring to the Slovak market a new television channel in a shorter time than the law requires, and still put our main stress on quality," said Dubravska.

    This is the third new Slovak programme for full-area broadcasting this year. Public broadcaster STV launched sports channel Trojka (Three) at the August opening of the Olympic Games. Private television channel Joj launched retro channel Joj Plus, offering old films and series, on October 5.

    TV Doma wants to attract viewers by the "new, thematic, and most of all, quality project." Media analytics say it will be aimed at housewives.