PRODUCTION: Normalization goes into postproduction

By Jana Kadlecová

    After four year of gathering materials, Normalization, a full-length docu-tragedy by Slovak director Robert Kirchhoff, has gone into post-production.

    "We still need to film several motifs, we are busy currently searching archives, and we are also looking at the possibility of renewing our cooperation with Slovak Public Television (STV, www.stv.sk). There is still plenty of work," Kirchhoff told FNE.

    The film explores the circumstances of a famous criminal case, murder of Ludmila Cervanova in the 1970´s in former Czechoslovakia. "I wanted to make a film about the conflict of right and justice or a film with the issue of right or justice. It is a cross between exploring and analyzing our society during the last 40 years," Kirchhoff said. The premiere of the film is planned for November 2010.

    The budget of the film is aproximatelly 300,000 Euros. Normalization has received two grants from the Slovak Ministry of Culture. The rest has been covered by Slovak company atelier.doc and by the Czech co-producer partner Hypermarket Film (http://www.hypermarketfilm.cz/). Slovak public television STV as a co-production partner supported the film by providing the technical equipment and archive materials. "We hope to have STV participation in the post-production phase. This is currently in negotiation," said Kirchhoff.

    Kirchhoff, a noted documentary director and film producer, is also founder and chairman of tne civic association for film production atelier.doc (atelierdoc.sk).

    Contact information:

    atelier.doc, ltd.
    Piešťanská 7,
    831 02 Bratislava 3,
    Slovak republic,
    tel.: +421 904 610 694
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