PRODUCTION: The Legend of Flying Cyprian in postproduction

By Jana Kadlecová

    Slovak director Mariana Čengel-Solčanska is in postproduction with The Legend of Flying Cyprian, a historical drama in hoping to follow in the footsteps of Bathory and Janosik.

    The Legend of Flying Cyprian (Lietajuci Cyprian) is based on the story of a Slovak monk Cyprian. Although Cprian is not as widely known as legends Bathory or Janosik, the producer of the film Eduard Čengel from Magic Seven Slovakia, s.r.o. (www.magicseven.sk) thinks that Flying Cyprian will attract comparably high audiences. Bathory and Janosik were two of the strongest performing films in Slovakia in recents years. Čengel-Solčanska has directed several short student movies and a mid-length movie.

    The premiere of the film, distributed by SPI Film (www.spi-film.sk) is scheduled for July 29, 2010, making it the first premiere of a Slovak full-length feature film this year. The producer began negotiations with foreign sales agents at EMF at the Berlinale.

    The budget of the film is 1.5 million Euros. The Polish coproducer Pleograf, Ltd. (www.pleograf.pl) has 20.1% share while Slovak producer Magic Seven Slovakia has 79.9% share. "In 2009 several Slovak co-producers joined the
    production: Slovak Television (www.stv.sk), Studio 727 (www.727.sk) and JMB Film & TV Production (www.jmbfilm.sk). Their contribution is minor," Čengel told FNE. The Slovak Ministry of Culture granted the film 508,285 Euros. The Polish Film Institute subsidized the Polish coproducer.

    Eduard Čengel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., + 421 903 403 462
    Magic Seven Slovakia, Ltd., Štefánikova 19, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
    Tel.: + 421 2 32 409 660 Fax: + 421 2 32 409 666