PRODUCTION: Script-winning House in production

By Jana Kadlecová

    House, based on an award-winning script by Slovak director/writer Zuzana Liova, started shooting in Slovakia on March 20.

    House (Dom) was awarded at Cannes with the Krzyzstof Kieslowsky Tvp Award 2007 for the best Central European script. Among other awards it also won the Hartley Merrill International Screenwriting Prize (2007) for the best national script.
    The film tells the story of a family that tries to repair damaged relationships by building a house, highlighting a generational conflict between father and daughter in the post-communist society.

    The filming should take 40 days, with some scenes scheduled for a summer shoot. The shooting will take place in Slovakia and Poland.

    The producers are Czech production companies (75%) Fog'n'Desire Films s.r.o (www.fogndesirefilms.cz) and Samastinor a.s. The Slovak producer (25%) is Sokol-Kollar LLC.

    The partners are Czech public television Ceska Televize (www.ceskatelevize.cz) and Slovak public television Slovenska Televizia (www.stv.sk).

    "The budget of the film is approximately 1,360,000 Euro," Viktor Taus and Michal Kollar from the Fog'n'Desire Films told FNE. The film received €150,000 by the Eurimages fund of the Council of Europe, "It has been received a grant from the Ministry of Culture SR (www.culture.gov.sk), 26,555 Euro for the development phase," said Taus and Kollar.

    The producers are now waiting for a decision on funding from Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk) for the film's production. "Our summer shooting depends on this decision," Taus and Kollar said.

    House was originally co-produced by a Polish partner, who stepped out of the project. "This was the biggest complication for us," the producers told FNE, leaving a financing gap in the budget.

    The premiere is planned for autumn 2011.


    Fog'n'Desire Films s.r.o.
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    Sokol Kollar .

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