Slovak Who's the Boss Here in development

By Jana Kadlecová

    Young Slovak script-writer and film director Peter Magat has started preparing the full-length feature film Who's the Boss Here (Kto je tu boss) about the mafia in Slovakia during the 1990's. Peter Vrabel from AM:PM (www.agentura-ampm.sk) will produce the film under the brand New Europe Cinema.

    Magat wants to combine the serious topic with an action film, similar to the German film Meinhof Komplex. The budget of the film is 15 mil. Euro. Vrabel was unsuccessful in his bid for a grant from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund (www.avf.sk), and the film has been produced privately thus far.

    "I am currently the only producer but I plan on foreign co-production, from either Central or Western Europe. We are considering France, Germany and Great Britain," Vrabel said. "I am also in negotiation with Slovak televisions to be a co-production partner."

    "The film has been in development, and we found locations that are appropriate for shooting. We expect the script to be finished in July," Vrabel told FNE. The shooting is been planned in the autumn, with the premiere should be in April/May 2011 in Slovakia. "We are counting on distribution in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland."

    Magat left Slovakia after studying film at the Faculty of Film and Television at Bratislava's Academy of Performing Arts (www.vsmu.sk), moving to London to work in film. He is working on a script with the Slovak writer Maroš Hečko of the full-length drama from seventies Pochod veselých detí (March of the Cheerful Kids) and is also directing several short films in Bratislava (One Man Show) and in London (Wee King of Nowhere and a 3-D sci-fi project The Antidote).