FESTIVALS: Bratislava festival announces Beach lineup

By FNE Staff

    IFF Bratislava (www.iffbratislava.sk) has announced eight European shorts, including films from Croatia, Hungary, and Romania, and nine festure films for its All at the beach! section, dedicated to films connected to the ocean the beach.

    The short films include:

    La Boya (The Buoy), Mariano Salvado, Spain 2009

    L'escale (Fade Far Away), Shalimar Preuss, France, 2007

    Killing the Afternoon, Margaret Corkery, UK/Ireland, 2004

    Miramare, Michaela Muller, Croatia, 2010

    A repules tortenete (The History of Aviation), Balint Kenyeres, Hungary, 2009

    Travelling, Michel Pavlou, Norway, 2006

    O zi buna de plaja (A Good Day for a Swim), Mogdan Mustata, Romania 2008

    Zo mooi (So Beautiful), Stefan van de Staak, Netherlands, 2007