Slovenia Announces Grants

By Matic Vecko

    {mosimage}LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian Film Centre has announced the list of films which are receiving funding in its 2011 round of grants for feature films, documentaries, coproduction films, medium length and short films for 2011.

    The following projects received funding:

    Full length feature films:

    • Inferno; directed by Vinko Möderndorfer, produced by: Forum Ljubljana (www.ljudmila.org/forum) received €750,000

    • Čefurji raus!; directed by Goran Vojnović: produced by: Arsmedia (www.arsmedia.si), received €730,000

    • Gremo mi po svoje 2 (Going Our Way 2); directed by Jan Miha Hočevarč, produced by: Vertigo (www.emotionfilm.si), granted €730,000

    • Adria Blues; directed by Miroslav Mandić, produced by: Senca studio (www.senca-studio.si) received €600,000

    • Dvojina (Dual) directed by Nejc Gazvoda; produced by Perfo d.o.o. (www.perfo.si), received €380,000

    Medium length films:

    • Deklica in drevo (A Girl and a Tree) directed by Vlado Škafar; produced by Gustav film d.o.o. (www.gustavfilm.si), received €60,000

    Short films:

    • Rdeči in črni (Red & Black) directed by Janez Burger; produced by Staragara (www.staragara.com), received €95,000

    • KOYAA - Roža (KOYAA - Flower) directed by Kolja Saksida; produced by Zavod Zvviks (www.zvviks.net), received €86,000

    • Pravica ljubiti (A Right to Love) directed by Barbara Zemljič; produced by A Atalanta d.o.o. (www.aatalanta.si), received €75,000


    • Slovenian-Italian co-production Zoran, moj nečak idiot (Zoran, il mio nipote scemo) directed by Matteo Oleotto; Slovenian producer Staragara, Slovenia (www.staragara.com)(received €75,000

    Full length debut feature and documentary films:

    • Razredni sovražnik (Class Enemy) directed by Rok Biček; produced by Triglav film (www.triglavfilm.si), received €380,000

    • Drevo (A Tree) directed by Sonja Prosenc; produced by Zavod Mono O (www.monoo.si), received €228,000

    • Wild one directed by Jure Breceljnik; produced by Filmit d.o.o. (www.linkedin.com/company/film-it-d.o.o.), received €80,000

    Funds for films in development:

    Funds for scenarios in development: