FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition: Feed Me with Your Words

By Matic Vecko
    FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition: Feed Me with Your Words Feed Me with Your Words, director Martin Turk

    POTOROZ: Feed Me with Your Words, the debut feature film from director Martin Turk, is one of seven films in competition at the 15th Festival of Slovenian Film (www.fsf.si) , running through 30 September 2012. The film should arrive in Slovenian theaters in October 2012.

    Shot in fall 2011, the film is the story of a family in which physical and emotional bonds between its members have been severed. They are forced to re-establish communication, when Robert, the younger of two sons, suddenly disappears in Italy while working on his mysterious research. His older brother Matej and his father Janez, who haven't spoken for years, depart in search for him, while Matej's wife and daughter move in with his mentally ill mother Irina.

    The film was produced by Ida Weiss for the production company BELA FILM d.o.o. (www.belafilm.si). The company also produced the controversial documentaries Dar Fur - War for Water (2008), Nuba: Pure People (2000) and the feature film Guardian of the Frontier (2004). Feed Me with Your Words has a budget of 1.2 m EUR and received a Slovenian Film Center (www.film-center.si) grant of 507,261 EUR.

    Turk studied film direction at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. He worked as assistant director on several feature films, including Danis Tanović's No Man's Land. He has directed four short films and one medium length film. His short film Every Day Is Not the Same was selected for the Quinzaine des Realizateurs in Cannes and screened at more than 30 international film festivals.

    Production Credits:

    Feed Me With Your Words

    Production Company: BELA FILM d.o.o. (www.belafilm.si)

    Co-Producers: Radiotelevizija Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si)

    Co-funding: Slovenian Film Center (www.film-center.si), FVG FILM COMMISSION (www.fvgfilmcommission.com)

    Director: Martin Turk

    Screenwriter: Martin Turk

    Producer: Ida Weiss

    Director of Photography: Radislav Jovanov - Gonzo

    Composer: Chris Eckman

    Sound Designer: Miha Jaramaz

    Production Designer: Maja Moravec

    Costume Designer: Emil Cerar

    Make up: Mojca Gorogranc

    Production Manager: Petra Vidmar

    Cast: Boris Cavazza, Miranda Caharija, Sebastian Cavazza, Maša Derganc, Iza Veselko, Jure Henigman