FNE at Cannes 2022: Slovenian Cinema in Cannes

By Slovenian Film Centre

    75th Cannes Film Festival - SLOVENIAN FILMS IN CANNES, Marche du Cannes - Village International South Eastern Pavilion no. 131

    This year’s Cannes Film Festival will take place from 17 to 28 May. With Fantasy, her first film in development, the Slovenian director Katarina Rešek – Kukla was selected as one of the six promising young directors to participate in the Residence programme, a part of the Cinéfondation programme.

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    The Residence

    by Katarina Rešek – Kukla

    Production December
    Producer Barbara Daljavec
    Co-production Totem Atelier (fr), Krug (mk)
    Co-funding Slovenian Film Centre, Creative Europe – MEDIA

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    CNC pavilion

    Fantasy by Katarina Rešek-Kukla

    Sina, Mihrije and Jasna are best friends in their early twenties. Their boyish lifestyle often brings them into conflicts with the boys who perceive them as a threat. The girls’ attention is caught by a young transgender woman called Fantasy. Fantasy slowly mesmerizes the girls, whose paths take different directions.

    Katarina Rešek – Kukla 

    (1991) is a directress and musician. Her films and music videos led by dream logic explore her Slavic heritage and push the boundaries between magic and realism. Her last short film Sisters won Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand International Short FF 2021 and was a case study for her debut film Fantasy, which she has been developing at the First Films First programme and will be concluding at the Festival’s Residence.

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    Market Screenings

    Moja Vesna
    by Sara Kern

    Production Cvinger film, Sweet Shop & Green
    Producers Rok Biček, Gal Greenspan, Sharlene George
    Co-production RTV Slovenija
    Co-funding Slovenian Film Centre, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, MIFF Premiere Fund
    80 min

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    International sales Wide (fr)

    ONLINE #1 Cinando      May 19     11:00

     Moja Vesna by Sara Kern

    Bright 10-year-old Moja lives with her hardworking Slovenian father and her pregnant sister Vesna (20) in an outer suburb of Melbourne. Grieving after the recent loss of her mother, Moja tries hard to make her big sister fill the mother-shaped hole in her life, but Vesna is lost in problems of her own. Ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of Vesna’s situation and her mental state, Moja tries in vain to create a healthy family environment. When Vesna decides to leave the family and her infant, Moja realises that together with her father, they have the love required to be a family.

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    by Slobodan Maksimović

    Production Senca Studio
    Producer Ida Weiss
    Co-production Wady Films, Studio Dim, objectif, RTV Slovenija, Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska - RTVS
    Co-funding Slovenian Film Centre, Luxembourg Film Fund, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Eurimages, Creative Europe – MEDIA, Re-Act, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, HRT
    86 min 

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    International sales: Princ Films (us)

    ONLINE #5      May 17     11:00
    PALAIS F        May 22      13:45

    Beanie by Slobodan Maksimović

    Erik is a nine-year-old boy living in a youth home because of his problematic parents. Beanie is his nickname. His only wish is to go home for Christmas. Instead, he gets to spend the holiday with a wealthy family and their seven-year-old daughter Lučka, who wishes for a puppy and a sister. In the middle of the night, Erik and Lučka encounter Santa in the family’s living room. Full of hopes, they hide in his car, but Santa gets rid of them in the middle of the city. They embark on an extraordinary adventure…

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    The Space Among Us 
    by Rahela Jagrič Pirc         

    Production Arsmedia
    Producer Boštjan Ikovic
    Co-production RTV Slovenija, MB Grip, NuFrame, Zvokarna, Mir Media Group
    Co-funding Slovenian Film Centre
    100 min

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    International sales Coccinelle Film Placement (it)

    PALAIS E       May 23      12:00

    The Space Among Us by Rahela Jagrič Pirc

    The Space Among Us is coming of age drama, set in a rural, picturesque town Kostanjevica na Krki. The 14 years old Canadian boy Tobi comes to Slovenia on summer holidays with his mother Kristina, who is about to have an important art exhibition in her hometown. Tobi is not excited to spend a summer away from his father and his friends. The situation gets even worse when a local gang starts to bully him because of his skin color. The only positive thing around is a free spirited girl named Tjaša, who leads Tobi to an unusual encounter with retired, blind astronomer Herman. While waiting for his father to join them in Slovenia, Tobi starts spending time with Herman, who teaches him about the laws of Space, which can be applied to our everyday life here on Earth. The star observatory also represents a shelter for Tobi, where he runs to in order to escape the news about his parents’ marriage problems. As it turns out, even Kristina’s art exhibition was pre-planned and visiting her hometown was just an excuse to escape her current life in Canada. The roller coaster of intense emotions and dynamic events lead Tobi and Kristina to confront their fears and to discover what the Universe hold for them.

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