Slovenia’s National Assembly Adopts EU Copyright Directives

    Slovenian National Assembly Slovenian National Assembly source: www.dz-rs.si

    LJUBLJANA: Slovenia’s National Assembly, one of the two bodies of the Parliament, has adopted amendments to the Copyright and Related Rights Act and the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights Act. Thus, Slovenia is preparing to become the 18th out of 27 EU member states which have implemented the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

    Fair remuneration for authors and performers in contracts for the exploitation of their works or performances will be introduced. Important innovations are also being introduced in the area of text and data mining on the internet, which can be carried out for commercial purposes or for scientific research.

    The amendments will ensure higher protection of copyright while not restricting the use of materials for educational purposes. Authors will start receiving a flat-rate compensation for the use of materials in the digital learning environment from 1 September 2024 onwards. The costs of these compensations will be covered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport for all educational institutions financed by the state budget, according to a press release.

    “We plan to continue discussions with stakeholders on possible further improvements to copyright legislation after the adoption of both laws,” said Matjaž Han, Minister of Economic Development and Technology in a statement.

    The amended copyright legislation was drafted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in cooperation with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Government Office for Digital Transformation.