MEDIA support for Slovenian distributors

By Matevz Rudolf
    Three Slovenian Distributors have received €16,000 in support from MEDIA Desk Slovenia for distributing three European movies.

    Cankarjev dom (www.cd-cc.si) was awarded €2,000 for the French movie A Christmas Tale (Un conte de Noel).

    Cinemania group (www.creativa.si) was awarded €4,000 for the Italian movie Gomorra, the winner of the European Film Awards.

    Karantanija cinemas (www.karantanijacinemas.si) was awarded €10,000 for the Finnish animated movie Niko & The Way to the Stars (Niko - Lentajan poika).

    The first two movies are already showing in Slovenian cinemas, while distributor Karantania Cinemas is currently in negotiations with cinemas to set a date for distribution.