Mid Europa Partners acquires UPC Slovenia

By FNE Staff
    The private equite firm Mid Europa Partners has acquired UPC Slovenia from Liberty Global.

    Mid Europa Partners (www.mideuropa.com) made the announcement on July 15. The company has an operating capital reported at €3.2 billion. It has been investing in Central Europe since 1999. It has offices in Warsaw, Budapest, and London.The company also has cable investments in Czech Republic and Poland.

    In a statement, Robert Knorr, Partner of Mid Europa, said: "The completion of the acquisition of UPC Slovenia secures a high quality asset in a defensive sector in a Euro country, in what is the first leveraged buy-out transaction in Central and Eastern Europe since Q4 2008".

    UPC Slovenia operates broadband and analogue and digital cable, providing service to 40% of Slovenian pay TV homes. Dragan Solak, head of SBB (the leading Serbian pay TV and broadband provider, acquired by Mid Europa in 2007) will become chairman UPC Slovenia.