RTV SLO shooting three TV films

By Matevz Rudolf
    Slovenian national broadcaster RTV SLO (www.rtvslo.si) is shooting three TV films during this summer, all being directed by well-known Slovenian filmmakers.

    The first is from Vinko Möderndorfer, who successfully presented his last movie Landscape No.2 (www.pokrajina-st2.org) last year. Second is film director is Marko Naberšnik, the author of debut film called Roosters Breakfast (www.petelinjizajtrk.com) which became the biggest Slovenian box-office hit. The third director is Boris Jurjaševič who made many films in his long career, including Triptych of Agata Schwarzkobler (1979) and Blues For Sarah (1999).

    The film are:

    1) Candidate and chauffeur (Kandidatka in šofer) directed by Vinko Möderndorfer, based on the comedy by Slovenian writer Tone Partljič. The approximate budget for this TV-film is 380.000 EUR. It will be show on TV in December 2009. The political satire is placed in a small Slovenian town in the pre-election time. Didka, a women, who has no serious ambitious in political carrier but, due to several chauvinistic situations rises as strong and self-confident politician.

    2) The Corridor (Hodnik) directed by Marko Naberšnik, based on award winning theatre play by famous Slovenian playwright and theatre director Matjaž Zupančič. The approximate budget for this TV-film is 250.000 EUR, and it will be completely shoot in studios of RTV SLO. The Corridor will be show on TV program in spring 2010. The original play is set in the corridor outside the set of a reality TV show.

    3) Jumping Marko (Marko skače) directed by Marko Naberšnik, was written by Janja Vidmar. The approximate budget is 430.000 EUR, and it will be shown on TV program in spring 2010. Marko is philosopher, who is suddenly one day informed that authorities can't find any official document about him. They tell him that he doesn't exist any more. After he kidnaps a government official and demands that somebody finds his documents, he is sent to a mental institution.