New law on Slovenian broadcaster RTV

By Matevz Rudolf
    Cultural Minister Majda Širca is close to revealing changes in the law on Slovenian public broadcaster RTV (www.rtvslo.si).

    The new law was not officially presented yet, however some changes are already known. The draft of new law, which will be discussed by experts and politician, includes plans for higher license fees which all TV households must pay. License fees (mandatory subscriptions) represent around 70% of RTV's income and budget. The price of license fees is now controlled by government act but in future the subscription will be based on inflation or changes of average Slovenian salary.

    Vojko Stopar General Director of Directorate for Media of Ministry of Culture confirmed that, "The new law will establish a greater influence by citizens on public broadcasting. We will achieve that with a different way by appointing member of program and supervisory board.

    Stopar also confirmed that the draft of new law, according to European Union directive, foresees changes in the matter of distinguishing public services and commercial activity of RTV. RTV should be remodeled as a joint-stock company 100% owned by the state.

    The official presentation of the law has not been announced, but it is planned that the new RTV law should pass by the end of 2009.