Cinema admissions up in Slovenia

By Matevz Rudolf
    Admissions at Slovenian cinemas rose 8% in 2009, to over 2.6 million tickets for an attendance rate of 1.3 tickets per person.

    Multiplexes accounted for most of the tickets, led by Kolosej (www.kolosej.si) (56% market share) and Planet Tuš (www.planet-tus.com) (37% market share). However, the unique Slovenian arthouse cinema Kindovor (www.kinodvor.org), which re-opened in Ljubljana in autumn 2007, had more than 55,000 visitors.

    Over 140 movies were shown in regular distribution. Of those, five feature films and two documentary films were Slovenian productions. Admission for Slovenian movies represents less than 2 % of all ticket sold in 2009. The most successful was Damjan Kozole's film Slovenian Girl which sold 18,000 tickets.