Slovenian allots 4.7 million Euros for film funding

By Matevz Rudolf
    The Slovenian government announced that the Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si) will receive 4,7 million Euros to finance Slovenian film production in 2010. Of that, 1.3 million will go toward new feature films projects.

    Nerina T. Kocjančič, Head of Production, Promotion and Marketing Department of Slovenian Film fund stated that most of the funding will go toward the completion of projects started in 2009.

    The total also covers funding for co-productions and distribution, short student films from the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (www.agrft.uni-lj.si), financial support for film festivals, and other promotional activities.

    The application for funds was recently announced, and grant results are expected to be announced in the fall.

    Funding will be distributed as follows:

    - 300,000 for debuts (for full-length film, animation, fiction and documentary)
    - 1,300,000 for fiction films (all lengths: full-length, short-length and medium-length films)
    - 500,000 for documentary films (all lengths)
    - 200,000 for co-productions
    - 30,000 for script development
    - 50,000 for project development
    - 85,000 for film festivals