New Slovenian film released


    Estrellita, the latest feature by Metod Pevec, was released to Slovenian cinemas in late January with simultaneous premiere screenings at two different Ljubljana cinemas, according to the Slovenian government communications office.

    The film tells a story about a violin that brings together two families from completely different backgrounds.

    After the death of a famous violinist, his wealthy widow discovers she was not the only woman in his life. Despite opposition from her family and social prejudices, she gives her husband's priceless violin to Amir, the talented son of an impoverished Bosnian couple, who claims to have played with him in a pub.

    The film has won five awards at festivals in Slovenia and abroad. Director Metod Pevec has two previous features to his credit: Carmen (1995) and Beneath Her Window (2003). The latter was Slovenia's candidate for the 2004 American Academy Award for best foreign-language film.