New Slovenian Film Center Appoints Director

By Matic Vecko

    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian Film Center, a public agency which began operations on 1 January 2011, replacing the Slovenian Film Fund (SFF) (www.film-sklad.si), has appointed Samo Rugelj as acting director. He will stay in the position for six months, after which an election for the general manager of SFC will be held.

    Rugelj has been a prominent figure in the Slovenian film industry for more than a decade. He was an associate director of the first Slovenian multiplex, director of a publishing house specializing in film literature, editor of a film magazine and a prolific film publicist who publicly criticised the state of the Slovenian film industry and the activities and policies of the Slovenian Film Fund. With the appointment as the acting director of Slovenian Film Center, he will now participate in what is regarded as a turning point in the Slovenian film industry.

    As the legal successor of the SFF, SFC will assume all its obligations and also continue with the realization of projects initiated by SFF. An imminent task is the preparation of tenders, which Rugelj wants to announce earlier than in previous year. Rugelj said that the Ministry of Culture (www.mk.gov.si) is providing more funds for Slovenian film than in 2010.