Local films dominate box office in Turkey

By Kerem Akca

    ISTANBUL: Turkish films continue to dominate at the local box office with domestic productions taking seven out of the top ten slots for the first six months of 2011. The overall trend at the box office is the increasing popularity of Turkish comedies.

    Topping the box office is Eyyvah Eyyvah the situation comedy film starring Demet Akbag and Ata Demirer, famous comedians, with 3.931.443 admissions and 36.6 million TL box office. The film is the sequel the comedy hit that was number two at the box office in 2010 and by the same team. It is directed by Hakan Algul and produced by Bkm Film (www.bkm.com.tr), distributed by UIP.

    Second place is a local romance titled Love Likes Coincidences directed by Omer Faruk Sorak who made his name with the comedy blockbuster G.O.R.A staring Cem Yilmaz. The film is produced by Bocek yapim (www.bocekyapim.com.tr) and distributed by UIP.

    It scored 2.4 million admissions and box office of 21.8 million TL. Third place is Kurlar Vadisi: Palestine (Valley of the Wolves: Palestine) directed by Zubeyr Sasmaz which is the sequel to the popular political spy-action film of the same name. It had 2.024.383 admissions and 17.2 million TL at the box office. The film is produced by Pana film (www.panafilm.com) and distributed by Ozen Film (www.ozenfilm.com.tr ) The first film made in 2006 was second biggest box office success of all time in Turkey.

    Other Turkish films in the top ten include: Hur Adam (950.496 admissions) directed by Mehmet Tannsever produced by Feza Film, Ya Sonra (What About Later?) (842.328 admissions) directed by Ozcan Deniz and produced by Demtas Film, Dnz Film and Renkli Filmler and distributed by Warner Bros, Kolpacino: Bomba (735.087 admissions) directed by Safak Sezer and produced by Su Filmcilik A.S, Kaybedenler Kulubu (479.825 admissions) directed by Tolga Ornek and produced by Ekip Film and Tiglon. The other three places are US films: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides with 1.119.673 admissions, Fast Five with 661.352 admissions and Yogi Bear with 405.176 admissions.

    During the same period last year distributor UIP (www.uip.com.tr) had five Turkish films in the top ten and now they have two Turkish and two foreign films. They are followed by Ozen Film (www.ozenfilm.com.tr). UIP has almost % 60 of the market share.