FNE at Golden Boll FF: National Competition lineup announced


    ADANA: Fourteen Turkish films were selected from 42 applicants to screen in the 19th Golden Boll National Feature competition (17-23 September 2012, www.altinkozafestivali.org.tr), vying for 350,000 TL in prizes.

    The jury president will be director Ferzan Özpetek. The winning films will be announced at the closing ceremony on 22 September.

    The Golden Ball prize will also be awarded in the National Student Film Competition and in the Mediterranean Short Film Competition.

    Honorary Awards will go to the actors Perihan Savaş and Ediz Hun, and also to the producer Abdurrahman Keskiner. The Best Film Award went in 2011 to Onur Ünlü’s The Extremely Tragic Tale of Celat Tan and His Family.

    The films in the 19th national competition are:

    • Ana Dilim Nerede/Where Is My Mother Tongue / Director: Veli Kahraman, produced by Motiva Film
    • Araf /Somewhere in Between, Director: Yeşim Ustaoğlu, produced by Ustaoğlu Film (www.ustaoglufilm.com)
    • Ateşin Düştüğü Yer / Where the Fire Burns, Director: İsmail Güneş, produced by Sarmaşik Sanatlar and İsmail Güneş Film (http://www.ismailgunes.net/)
    • Aziz Ayşe / The Saint Ayşe, Director: Elfe Uluç, produced by Kare Film
    • Babamın Sesi / Voice of My Father, Director: Orhan Eskiköy & Zeynel Doğan, produced by Perişan Film (www.perisanfilm.com)
    • Devir / Circle, Director: Derviş Zaim, produced by Marathon Film
    • Gözetleme Kulesi / Watchtower, Director: Pelin Esmer, produced by Sinefilm (www.sinefilm.com)
    • Lal Gece / Night of Silence, Director: Reis Çelik, produced by Kaz Film
    • Rüzgarlar / Winds, Director: Selim Evci, produced by Evci Film (www.evcifilm.com)
    • Siirt'in Sırrı / Know My Name, Director: İnan Temelkuran & Kristen Stevens, produced by Temelkuran Film Müzik (
    • Simdiki Zaman / Present Tense, Director: Belmin Söylemez, produced by Filmbüfe Film (www.filmbufe.com)
    • Yabancı / The Stranger, Director: Filiz Alpgezmen, produced by Filmoda Prodüksiyon (blog.filmoda.com)
    • Yeraltı / Inside, Director: Zeki Demirkubuz,produced by Mavi Film
    • Yük / Load, Director: Erden Kıral, produced by TFT Televizyon Film (www.tftyapim.com)


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