Turkish film fund deadline looms

By Nadir Öperli

    The first application round for the film fund provided by Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism will be completed by February 23.

    The fund, started in 2005 and run by the Administration of Copyrights and Cinema, is the only state support for film production in Turkey. The fund receives applications three times a year in three categories: Project Support (which includes the production of short films, documentaries and the development of feature projects as well as any other projects for the development of film industry), Feature Film Production Support, and Post Production/Distribution Support. The fund will support up to 50 % of the budget for project applications and 30 % of the budget for production and post production applications. Both local productions and coproductions can apply for the support. For coproductions the only requirement is involvement of a Turkish production company. Applications for first feature productions are treated separately.

    The production and post production supports for feature films are reimbursable unless the film generates loses after its theatrical, TV and DVD release. If the producer of a supported project cannot pay the support back to the Ministry, both the producer and the director are penalized. In such a case, the producer loses her rights to apply the fund again with another project, and the director is prohibited to apply for three years.

    The support amounts to a yearly average of 13 million YTL (approximately 6.5 million euros). In 2007 the Ministry supported 60 scripts and 4 documentaries for development; 35 feature films, 49 documentaries, 1 animation, 52 amateur film productions; and 6 films for post-production and distribution. The statistics for 2008 are not yet announced.

    For more information: www.telifhaklari.gov.tr and +90.312.310.0026 (ext. 321-319)