Sequel breaks Recep Idevik record

By Deniz Ziya Temeltas
    Sahan Gokbaker starrer Recep Ivedik 2, with admissions totalling 4,320,320 in its eighth week, breaks the Turkish box office record set by the original Recep Ivedik.
    The total tops the previous record by 19,000 admissions. The production team has already started working on the third installment of the franchise. Although criticized for showing an inner city slum-dweller as a role model and for strong language, kids under 12 are viewing the film when accompanied by their parents.

    The next strongest local title was I saw the Sun - Gunesi Gordum with 2,190,134 admissions, doubling its opening week numbers. The film is the second outing from Mahzun Kirmizigul, a singer-turned-film director, scripting his own stories. The new film covers the last 25 years of Turkish history, starting with forced relocation of Eastern villages due to the military's fight against PKK terrorists. The story follows the Altun family's journey towards Norway via Istanbul, leaving heavily mined territory behind.

    With the 28th International Istanbul Film Festival (April 4-19) in full swing, independent distributors with local or non-Turkish art house titles are preparing for strong openings in the coming weeks.