Temeltaş named artistic director of Golden Orange festival

By FNE Staff
    Deniz Ziya Temeltaş was appointed Artistic Director of the Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival and the "Turkish Emmys" ISMAIL CEM TURKISH TV AWARDS (23-24 April, 2010).

    Turkey's new TV awards, ISMAIL CEM AWARDS, were named in honor of Turkey's former departed Minister of Foreign Affairs. Temeltaş heads the management team as the artistic director. In addition, he has been appointed as the new artistic director of the Golden Orange Film Festival (www.altinportakal.org.tr), which will begin its 47th edition on October 9.

    Temeltaş has an extensive background in the entertainment industry in Turkey, including managing the Eurasia Film Market fronts and launching the Eurasia Production Platform. Temeltaş has also been a correspondent covering Turkey for FNE.

    Antalya represantatives will be at the Berlinale.