FNE Turkish Week: Turkish Film Continues to Dominate Local Box Office

By Anna Franklin
    ISTANBUL: Turkish films dominated the local market in 2009 with a 51% share of the box office in 2009.

    This continued a winning streak that has seen local films topping the Turkish box office for nearly a decade. Turkey along with India and South Korea is one of the only countries in the world where local films beat US productions in terms of market share.

    In 2009 there were 255 films released in Turkey. The total admissions were 36.9m of which local films had 18.8m admissions. The average ticket price is about 8 TL.

    Recep Ivedik 2 directed by Togan Gokbakar the second installment in the successful Turkish comedy franchise produced by Aksoy Film (www.aksoyfilm.com.tr) and Ozen Film (www.ozenfilm.com.tr) was the number one hit of 2009 with 4.33m admissions and 33.43M TL according to figures provided by distributor Ozenfilm. The film was released in 372 prints. Second place was big budget war drama Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun directed by Levent Semerci and produced Creavidi (www.creavidi.com) with 2.4m admissions and a gross of 19.7m TL followed by Gunesi Gordum (I Saw the Sun), directed by Mahsun Krimizigul and produced by Boyut Film (www.boyutfilm.com), a family drama with 2.49m admissions and 19m TL box office. Five out of the top ten were Turkish films in 2009.