Local comedy films dominate box office in Turkey

By Kerem Akca
    Turkish films dominated the first six months of the 2010 national box office, with local films taking nine of the top ten spots. That surpasses the 2009 record of five films in the top ten, and seven films in 2008.
    However, the 2010 box office numbers are only 60% of 2009's total. This year 36 Turkish films have already been released, whereas in 2009 there were only 23 released in the same period. The numbers should pick up by the end of 2010, with 54 films headed for distribution, compared with 58 in 2009.

    The third part of Recep Ivedik tops the list with 3,324,306 viewers. Eyvvah Eyvah which stars two well-known Turkish comedians, Demet Akbag and Ata Demirer, has 2,431,895 viewers. A sequel is in pre-production to be released in 2011.

    Third place belongs to Cem Yılmaz's western parody Yahsi Bati with 2,322,826 viewers. Cok Filim Hareketler Bunlar (1,133,714), Dersimiz Ataturk (857,603), Kutsal Damacana 2: Itmen (2,801,593), Ejder Kapani (750,913) and Romantik Komedi (663.903) follow. A U.S film is in last place, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

    Five films are comedy, one is a romantic comedy, two are historical about Ataturk, and one is a thriller. There are two films produced by BKM (www.bkm.com.tr), with Turkish stand-up comedian Yilmaz Erdogan's company, Eyyvah Eyvah and Cok Filim Hareketler Bunlar. UIP (www.uip.com.tr) one of the top four distributors in Turkey, has 42% of this box office share and tops the list of distributors. It has three Turkish films and one foreign film in the TOP 10.