Antalya Golden Orange IFF Winners


    ANTALYA: The 47th annual Golden Orange Film Festival in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya ended on a high note with Majority directed by newcomer Seren Yuce taking the prize for both Best Film and Best Director. The film had already won the Young Lion of Tomorrow at the Venice IFF earlier this year.

    Talented newcomer Bartu Kucukcaglayan who was compared to a young Dustin Hoffman in Venice for his role in Majority also shared the prize for Best Actor with Serkan Ercan in Toll Booth. Turkish films have won prizes at major international festivals all over the world for the past three or four years so the Golden Orange which unspools the latest in new Turkish cinema each year was closely watched by international critics and festival programmers.

    The festival this year will screen 191 films from 35 countries in total with 14 new Turkish feature films in the national competition. This was the first edition of the festival under the direction of Deniz Zyia Temeltas the fest's new director who managed to put on an impressive event despite major budget cuts this year. The festival is backed by Antalya Culture and Art Foundation (AKSAV), which headed by Dr Mustafa Akaydin, Mayor of Antalya and chairman of the Foundation. The festival also faced stuff competition for the best of the new crop of Turkish films from Turkish Fest Adana which was moved this year from its usual June slot to September just a few weeks before Antalya.

    National feature film competition:

    Best Picture: Majority (Cogunluk) directed by Seren Yuce
    BEst First Film: Toll Booth (Gise Memuru)
    Jury Special Award: Press (Press)
    Best Director: Seren Yuce (Cogunluk )
    Best Screenplay: İlksen Başarır - Mert Fırat : Merry Go Round (Atlı Karınca)
    BEst Cinematography : Ercan Özkan (Sac ve Gice Memuru)
    Best Music: Mircan: White as Snow (Karbeyaz)
    Best Actress:Claudia Cardinale: Singora Enrice-Divantare Italiano Con La Signora Enrica (enrico ile italyan olmak)
    Best Actor: Serkan Ercan (Gis Memuru)
    Bartu kucukcaglayan (Cogunluk)
    Best Supporting Actress: Aysen Gruda: Paper (Kagıt)
    Best Supporting Actor: Cengiz Bozkurt : The Crossing ( Kavsak ) - Rıza Akın: Hair (Sac )
    Best Film Editing: Shadows and Faces (Golgeler ve Suretler (Aylin)
    Best Art Direction: Nihat Duskun: Hayde Bre (Hayde Bre)
    Behlül Dal Jury Special Award: Aram Dilbar (Press) Zeynep Oral Merry Go Round (Atlı Karınca)
    Dr. Avni Tolunay Jury Special Award: Elvan Albayrak ( Enrica İle İtalyan Olmak)
    Audience Award: The Crossing (Kavsak)
    SİYAD Award: Shadows and Faces (Golgeler ve Suretler)

    International Feature Film Competition:

    Best Picture: Circus Coloumbia - Tümen nehri (Bahman Ghobadi odul verdi)
    Best Director: Ceasefire (Ateskes) directed by Lancelot Von Naso
    Best Actress: Emma Suares: Mosquite Net (Sineklik)
    Best Actor: The Albanian (Arnavut) filmi Nick Celile
    Youth Jury Award: Clash of Civilization Over an Elevator In Piazza Vittorio) Vittorio meydanında bir asansorde medeniyetler catısması
    SİYAD Award: The Mosquito Net (Sineklik)

    Other Awards:

    Lifetime Achievement Award: Fyodor Bondarchuk
    Public's Orange: Son Helva'filmi Karambol Ekibi
    Best Documentary: The Last Nomads in Anatolia: Sarikecilis: Anadolu nun Son Gocerleri: Sarıkecililer - Yüksel Aksu
    BEst First Documentary: Offside (Ofsayt)- Herkes uyurken
    Best Short Film: Berf (odulu veren Serge avadikian)
    Digital Film Academy Award Bisiklet ve Teneke filmleri