dok.incubator rough-cut workshop calls for submissions!

    PRAGUE: Editors, directors and producers are invited to apply to dok.incubator workshop 2017. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 1

    dok.incubator rough-cut workshop invites you to work with top internationally-active mentors for 6 months. Throughout the postproduction period, you will focus on editing and building a sophisticated tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy. dok.incubator is an opportunity to get a new perspective on your film and to ensure that your unique story will be rich and relevant to a worldwide audience.

    The workshop is divided into three week-long residential sessions:

    1st - 6th May – Třešť, Czech Republic // ROUGH-CUT
    26th June – 2nd July (TBC) – Smolenice, Slovakia // FINE CUT
    18th – 25th of September – Malmö, Sweden // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

    Two films from dok.incubator 2016 will compete in the Sundance World Documentary Competition, including ‘The Good Postman’ by established Bulgarian director Tonislav Hristov.  Tonislav has directed eight films but ‘The Good Postman’, which premiered at IDFA, is his biggest success yet.

    What people are saying about the workshop

    ‘We had no film yet, no money, and all three of us lived in different continents. We would probably have given up without dok.incubator.’ – Ramzy Haddad, producer of ‘The Workers Cup’ (also premiering at Sundance)

    ‘It is like a good film: an emotional, physical and mental roller-coaster. DOK Incubator is like a boot camp that would be not only recommended but compulsory for every filmmaker.’ – Balazs Simonyi, director of ‘ULTRA’

    ‘dok.incubator was a great experience.  It was lots of fun – we met good people and most importantly, professionals, who will help you to finish your film!’ -  Tonislav Hristov, director of ‘The Good Postman’

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