Open now - applications for the second round of Storytek Accelerator!


    Storytek is a mentor-driven accelerator fully focusing on audiovisual sector, where deep knowledge of the global film and creative industry mixes with top-notch technology competence.

    Storytek Accelerator is now accepting applications from creative and media/film-tech entrepreneurs wishing to participate in the 10-week accelerator program starting in March and ending in late May. Up to 10 companies will be chosen to attend the program, from there a handful of the best teams will get an opportunity to become a part of the Storytek residency program.

    According to Sten Saluveer, head of Storytek, we are looking forward to receiving applications from companies that are active in the fields of film, content, music, games, or media, and take advantage of new technology opportunities. Preferred are those who already have a team and a clear vision for exporting their products and services.

     “In working with the Storytek accelerator and the teams involved, Elisa’s looking to contribute to innovation in the entertainment industry not just in Estonia, but in Europe as a whole,” explained Elisa’s New Services Manager Kertu Kriisk when asked about the company’s expectations in regard to the second round of Storytek applications. “We’re hoping the candidates come up with ideas we haven’t seen before that really shake things up, in a good way – ideas we can work with the teams to market and bring to clients. As an entertainment and telecommunications company, we have what it takes to introduce new solutions to large target groups in a short space of time and, with the help of our partners, to expand to foreign markets as well.”

    The first cohort of Storytek saw 7 projects and 27 mentors taking part, among the mentors were recognised experts from around the world: Laura Anne Edwards (TED Resident, Google Labs, NASA, USA), Michael Favelle (Odin's Eye Entertainment, Australia), John Heinsen (WatchMojo; USA); Guido Van Nispen (Raad Von Culture; USA); South Korea); Julius Talvik (Alphaform; USA); and Ola Möller (Hyper Island).

    Storytek is designed for companies engaged in digital entertainment formats, intellectual property and technology development, VR/AR, e-sports, data and algorithm development.  It’s a 10 week intensive, tailor-made boot camp in Tallinn. Participating companies will graduate with an in-depth assessment of their project, custom tools, and a strategic roadmap. 

    Storytek partners include the Enterprise Development Foundation, the Black Nights Film Festival, Elisa, PWC.

    To participate, you need to fill out the application form on the storytek.eu page.

    Deadline to apply, 9 February - Programme starts on 17 March.