On 26th of September, the Macedonian Film Agency within the framework of the 39th International Cinematographers' Film Festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola announced the one-year partnership with Less Is More – a training programme that was created by Le Groupe Ouest (France). The aim of the program is to help film professionals in the integration of the realization of films with a limited budget from the very beginning, that is, the development of the project.

    Within this training program, a number of activities will be realized as part of this partnership, and as a particularly important one, is the organization of the workshop for local film professionals entitled "Pre-Writing Workshop". 

    The goal of the workshop is to collect the ideas for films from all participants, reinforcing and directing them to make great future film projects even before they enter the process of development. The workshop will introduce the participants to the knowledge of how budget constraints may cause creativity. This is the first workshop of this kind that will be organized in Macedonia and is intended solely for the Macedonian film professionals who will acquire the knowledge of internationally renowned script doctors. 

    The young film professionals that were present have expressed interest in the workshop and because of this we expect that a new film wave of more creative, more original and communicative projects will be born, which is our strategic goal.

    More about this training program can be found on the following link: https://lim-lessismore.eu/