17th Animateka is moving ONLINE!

    Despite the efforts and unshakable optimism of the Animateka festival team, who, until the last minute hoped that we would be able to watch diverse and above all excellent animated film products from all around the world on the big screen again this year, we decided to move this edition online due to the epidemiological situation.

    17th Animateka will be extended and will take place between 30 November and 9 December on a user-friendly and tested platform that will allow us not only to show films, but also a wider festival experience of lectures and discussions of AnimatekaPRO, talks with directors and various events of the accompanying programme, with which we will enrich your viewing experience from home.

    We will make sure that the festival spirit which Animateka is notorious for will be present online. At the same time, the experience of the online edition opens a unique opportunity to decentralize the festival which will spread beyond Ljubljana and as such will enable the experience of an animated universe to the whole Slovenia and the wider world.

    You can check out our trailer for the upcoming edition here

    In the words by the programme director of the festival, Igor Prassel:

    “Until this year, every proper film festival has followed the basic principles of organizing an excellent film festival: the quality of the screenings in the cinema, hospitality to the authors of the films shown at the festival and various accompanying activities. The pandemic-determined online version of the festival does not allow for any of this, and therefore 2020 is also a year of learning. The Animateka team sees a challenge in this situation and we will do our best to make the online festival edition as original and heartfelt as possible. We are ready for this experiment, while deep down we can’t wait to get back to normal.

    This year's edition will not only be special because of the different festival format, but unfortunately it will also be different because of the health, political and economic crisis in our country and the world. Therefore, more than ever, it is important to discover the messages of authorial animated films. We want to live in a humane, just and solidary world and we condemn autocratic neoliberal attempts to subjugate our society.”

    Part of the festival programme – most of the feature animated films and a retrospective of Croatia visiting - will be screened next year in the Silvan Furlan Hall in the Slovenian Cinematheque due to copyright restrictions and other limitations.

    The entire programme will be published on 15 November, and until then we invite you to discover the already published sections of the programme on our website.

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