What's Slovak at Fipadoc Biarritz

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    This year’s edition of International Documentary Festival Fipadoc in Biarritz, France is focusing on Visegrad countries. Learn more about the program which includes Slovak films and works-in-progress and multiple panel discussions about documentary output and film industry in V4 countries.

    Even though the festival screenings in Biarritz are postponed, the Industry Days run online on January 18 – 22, 2021.

    Industry Days

    International Pitches

    We Have to Survive
    dir. Tomáš Krupa
    prod. HAILSTONE (SK)
    coprod. CINEART TV Prague (CZ)

    Mankind is unlikely to stop the climate change, but it can adapt to new, harder conditions. The documentary film We Have to Survive tells the dramatic story of people from areas that have been hit by the climate changes where life is subject to extremely difficult conditions or is doomed to slow extinction. The question is how to deal with a world that is balancing on the verge of a climate catastrophe and continue living.
    More info here.

    International Pitches – Society and Politics
    Wednesday, January 20 @ 9:30

    Velvet Generation
    dir. Ivana Hucíková
    prod. nutprodukcia (SK)
    coprod. Super film (SK)

    A portrait of the contemporary youth on a search for identity, values and place in modern society, with the backdrop of an emerging Czech and Slovak ballroom scene.
    More info here.

    International Pitches – Society and Politics
    Thursday, January 21 @ 14:30

    Panel discussions

    How to coproduce with the Visegrad group countries
    Slovak participant: Jakub Viktorín (producer, nutprodukcia)

    Wednesday, January 20 @ 11:00

    Mapping the festivals and markets landscape in Central Europe
    Slovak participant: Eva Križková (IDFF One World Slovakia)
    Wednesday, January 20 @ 12:30

    Documentary in Central Europe: Hybrid forms and innovation
    Slovak participant: Martin Kollar (DoP, director)
    Wednesday, January 20 @ 16:00

    From the vaults: Dealing with the (archival) past in Central Europe
    Slovak participant: Peter Kerekes (director, producer)
    Thursday, January 21 @ 16:00

    Broadcasters in the Visegrad countries and beyond
    Slovak participant: Ondrej Starinský (Radio and Television Slovakia)
    Friday, January 22 @ 14:30

    Fipadoc Biarritz

    Musical Documentary Competition

    The Band
    2018 | SK – CZ | 80 min.

    dir. Ladislav Kaboš
    prod. MEDIA FILM (SK)
    coprod. Radio and Television Slovakia (SK), KABOS Film&Media (CZ), Czech Television (CZ)

    This creative, cinematographic story chronicles the birth of the Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve in the difficult social circumstances of a Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. Their dream journey to find success is a powerful, inspirational story of hope and desire, full of emotions, electrifying Roma music and kind humour. 
    More info 

    Visegrad Focus

    The Good Death
    2018 | SK – CZ – FR – DE – AT | 83 min.

    dir. Tomáš Krupa
    prod. HAILSTONE (SK)
    coprod. MasterFilm (CZ), ARTE G.E.I.E. (FR), Golden Girls Film (AT), First Hand Films (CH), Radio and Television Slovakia (SK), Czech Television (CZ)

    Janette is terminally ill and wants to die in a dignified way but this is not permitted under British law. She gets in touch with Dr. Erika in Switzerland, who is willing to help her. Muscular dystrophy, the illness that Janette suffers from, has affected her family for generations. Janette’s mother was wheelchair-bound for decades, becoming a prisoner in her own body. Janette refuses to wait for death in unbearable pain so she opts for a physician-assisted suicide.
    More info

    Slovak Film Institute, Association of Independent producers, and Slovak Institute in Paris are partners of Visegrad Focus.

    Learn more about new and upcoming Slovak films at our website.

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