Czech films at the Clermont-Ferrand ISFF 2021

    At the 43rd Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, the Czech Republic will be represented by three films in the official selection. Washing Machine by Alexandra Májová was selected for the International Competition, Leaf by Aliona Baranova is a part of the Young Audience section, and Plus One by Myroslava Klochko will be screened in the European Short Film Audience Award section. In addition, two Czech projects take part in the Euro Connection programme: About a Cow by Pavla Baštanová and Slovenian-Czech The Tourist by Lun Sevnik.

    Czech films in the official selection


    International Competition 

    Czech Republic 2020 / 5 min
    Directed by: Alexandra Májová
    Produced by: Alexandra Májová

    Alexandra Májová’s humorous and playful film is a remarkable parable of human relationships. But in her film, a man isn’t trying to solve problems with a woman, but with a troublesome home appliance.


    Alexandra Májová
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    Young Audience 

    Czech Republic 2020 / 6 min
    Directed by: Aliona Baranova
    Produced by: Tomas Bata University in Zlín (CZ)


    A huge sailor receives a lovely autumn leaf from a little girl. It reminds him of his home. How long has he been away? The sailor takes off after his memories. What will he find there?

    Read more about world premiere of Leaf at the Berlinale 2020


     European Short Film Audience Award

    Czech Republic 2019 / 23 min
    Directed by: Myroslava Klochko
    Produced by: FAMU (CZ)


    Happy newlyweds Ida and Jura are expecting a child. Ida suddenly finds out that the child will be special. She is unsure of how Jura will react when he learns the news, or what life with an extraordinary child will bring.


    Alexandra Hroncová / FAMU
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    Euro Connection

    Czech Republic 2023 / 10 min
    Directed by: Pavla Baštanová
    Produced by: Mária Môťovská / MAUR film

    A patchwork of true stories from the life of cows. The film starts with an idyllic image of a pasture with cows enjoying their free movement after having spent the winter in a cowshed. The joy is disrupted by episodes from all over the world showing cows going through both positive and negative situations. This film is not merely critical, it also contains optimistic images from the life of cows, who are closely connected to people and it brings hope for a better world.

    EUR 12 000


    Slovenia, Czech Republic 2022 / 15 min
    Directed by: Lun Sevnik
    Produced by: Rok Biček / Cvinger Film (SL)
    Co-produced by: PINK (CZ)

    Luka (16) is helping his father Nikola (50) who organises fishing trips for tourists. He is ashamed of his father being servile to the tourist Ondřej, all the while being harsh and indifferent towards him. He sees Ondřej as the person to blame for his father’s loss of dignity. In order to punish his father for his duplicity and to get back at Ondřej, he offers Ondřej sexual services which he wants his father to witness. The provocation fails and Luka is humiliated in front of his father.

    EUR 19 000
    minority co-production

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