Ji.hlava Echoes & Reviving European Cinema

    Echoes of Ji.hlava extended to New York, Belgium, France

    The Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF are starting this week in the Czech Republic with an online showcase featuring over forty selected titles from the festival’s 2020 edition, plus a couple of new titles. This year, the Echoes will again have their international extension – a selection of remarkable documentaries, including a number of awarded titles at the 24th Ji.hlava will be accessible also for audiences in Belgium (March 11–17), France (March 18–25), and New York (March 19–25). The Echoes of Ji.hlava are organized in cooperation with the Czech Centres network and will include Q&As with the filmmakers (Ai Weiwei, and others), masterclasses as well as debates with guests of Ji.hlava’s Inspiration Forum. All content will be available free of charge at Dafilms.com and geo-blocked for the respective territories.

    Reviving European Cinema - join a discussion with EMERGING PRODUCERS

    Critics say that European film production is losing its spirit and it is a fact that European cinema lags behind America in terms of global box office revenues. How to revive European cinema and what are the ways to address the viewers? What is it that makes European films different and authentic? Four producers from different parts of Europe will share their experience and take part in a discussion which will take place during the East Doc Platform on Monday, March 15 at 18.30–19.30 CET on Ji.hlava Facebook and YouTube platforms.

    Kapr Code by Lucie Králová at ParisDOC

    ParisDOC, the industry platform of Cinema du Réel invited three world film festivals to nominate outstanding documentaries for the 8th edition of its ParisDoc Works-in-Progress. Together with the Czech Film Center, we have put forward Kapr Code by Lucie Králová – a documentary opera exploring the nature of memory, music, and narration through imprints of controversial and progressive Czech composer Jan Kapr. ParisDoc will take place on March 16–19, for more information please check out the event’s website.

    Call for EMERGING PRODUCERS 2022 is still open

    Three weeks are left for the producers from Europe and this year’s guest country – South Korea – to apply to the EMERGING PRODUCERS workshop, a leading training programme focusing on documentary filmmakers. Its jubilee tenth edition will take place on October 25–29, 2021 (Jihlava) and in February 2022 (Berlin). Apply or share this opportunity with talented producers around you – ideally via the EMERGING PRODUCERS portal, which also features news from all 164 producers – alumni of the programme! The registration deadline is March 31, 2021.

    We are receiving submissions to the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF

    In 2021 we continue to focus on a creative artistic approach to filmmaking and critically reflective documentary works that deal with significant themes. The 25th Ji.hlava IDFF will take place on October 26–31 and there are three deadlines to submit your work: March 31 (for films released in 2020), May 31 (for films completed in 2021 and released by May 31, 2021), and July 31 (rough cuts and films that have not yet had a festival world premiere). We accept feature-length and short films, animated and interactive documentaries as well as VR projects.

    East Silver Market 2021 applications open

    Creative documentaries from Central and Eastern Europe are welcome to apply to the 18th edition of East Silver Market organized by the Institute of Documentary Film at the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF on October 26 – 31, 2021.

    Selected documentaries from American festivals now online on DAFilms

    Streaming portal DAFilms.com presents a curated selection of selected works from prime American documentary film festivals. This special programme is comprised of top films selected by 11 festival programmers from North and South America. Each festival selected one film from their past programmes and accompanied it with their own recommendations. The Recommended by… Festivals selection offers a unique crossroads of contemporary non-fictional works created on both American continents.