Online Cinema DAFilms Launches Program of Works Selected by 11 Festivals across North and South America

    Streaming service DAFilms is partnering up with 11 film festivals from across both American continents this month for a spectacular program of 12 titles hand-picked by festival programmers and directors entitled “Recommended By… Festivals”. These partner film festivals, some of the best-regarded nationally and internationally for non-fiction cinema, themselves chart a course all along the map of the Americas, covering Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, the Yukon in Canada, and the United States. Collectively, their choices reflect and emphasize the great diversity of styles of documentary filmmaking that can be found on the scene today.

    DAFilms is happy to announce this partnership with the best of North and South American festivals, an enviable line-up including DocsMX, BAFICI, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, SF DocFest, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, DOXA, Frontera Sur, FIDOCS, Transcinema, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, and Available Light. 

    This celebration of the array of tastes, interests, and particularities of some of the most talented film programmers on both continents is also a portrait of the changing face of independent filmmaking in the Americas. To discover, nurture, and foster these voices through independent distribution models in the online sphere is the mission of DAFilms itself, a happy synthesis between an individual program and the broader goals of the institution itself.

    Selected Films:

    • The Faculties (Las Facultades) by Eloísa Solaas - Selected by Antonia Girardi, FIDOCS
    • How to Bee by Naomi Mark - Selected by Andrew Connors, Available Light Festival
    • The Still Life of Harley Prosper (La vida suspendida de Harley Prosper) by Juan Manuel Sepulveda - Selected by Cristian Saldía, Frontera Sur
    • Mossville: When Great Trees Fall by Alexander Glustrom - Selected by Sadie Tillery, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
    • Pariah Dog by Jesse Alk - Selected by Joanne Feinberg, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
    • Instructions on Parting by Amy Jenkins - Selected by Selina Crammond, DOXA
    • The Creator of Universes (El creador de universos) by Mercedes Dominioni - Selected by Selena Crammond, DOXA
    • Workhorse by Cliff Caines - Selected by Jean McGlothlin, Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
    • The Quiet Zone by Daniel Froidevaux and Elisa Gonzalez - Selected by Chris Metzler, SF DocFest
    • Theatre House (Casa del Teatro) by Hernán Rosselli - Selected by Agustín Masaedo, BAFICI
    • The Guardian of Memory (El guardián de la memoria) by Marcela Arteaga - Selected by Inti Cordera, DocsMX
    • Connatural by Javier Bellido Valdivia - Selected by John Campos Gómez, Transcinema

    “With this collaborative program, the most ambitious since we launched in early 2020, we at DAFilms Americas want to join the dots between the world of festivals and VOD, offering our support and solidarity both to those filmmakers left stranded by the tides of the pandemic but also to festivals themselves, institutions which we know will remain the beating heart of the world of distribution. We are very happy to do whatever we can to demonstrate our togetherness and forge lasting connections with and between so many of these festivals together at this time.” - Kristyna Balaban, Project Manager, DAFilms Americas.

    The International VOD platform DAFilms began as one of the main projects of DocAlliance, a creative partnership between 7 of the major European documentary festivals that has lasted 15 years. As a consequence, DAFilms can boast of an unparalleled collection of more than 2,500 festival films, a catalogue built up in close association with some of the most prestigious documentary institutions in the world and which sets it apart from platforms with a shorter lifespan in the world of VOD and festival acquisition.

    The next few months on DAFilms will see major retrospectives of filmmakers Affonso Uchôa and Ignacio Agüero, an extensive focus on Portuguese cinema of the past two decades, a curated program of works about housing, apartment blocks, and eviction entitled Housing Project, and a host of bespoke curated programming responding week-in and week-out to the changes in the world at large.

    For more information or for media inquiries, please use the contact information below or reply directly to this email.

    Program link (available from March 1st 2021): https://dafilms.com/program/943-recommended-by-festivals

    Last modified on 17-03-2021