Arthouse cinema is more important today than ever before!

    The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas, the CICAE had its new board elected during the annual general assembly on June 23, shifting towards a younger, increasingly international and more gender balanced representation of its members.
    Christian Bräuer re-elected as President, new Board of Directors
    Christian Bräuer, managing director of the Berlin Yorck Kinogruppe and chairman of the German Arthouse Association, was re-elected as president.

    “Never has cinema been so challenged as it is now in the wake of the pandemic-related closures. At the same time, however, it is also true in view of the monopolisation of market power and the rapid development of business models in the media sector: Community-based mission-driven Arthouse cinema is more important today than ever before," says Christian Bräuer. "It is just as much about defending the diversity of films as it is about satisfying people's need for public storytelling, also in terms of social self-assurance and negotiating conflicts."
    The newly elected Board sees the networking of the global arthouse movement as the basis for defending and strengthening cinemas in times of global market concentration. While the Covid-19 pandemic is still raging, and hygiene measures will continue to apply in cinemas after the reopening, this will occupy and challenge the member cinemas and thus also the CICAE. This also includes re-evaluating the position of arthouse cinemas in view of working towards fair terms-of-trade and market rules. Cinemas will be more important than ever as public places and for culture and democratic exchange.
    In recent years, new national associations and individual cinemas have joined the CICAE. Today the CICAE brings together 12 national and regional associations, almost 60 independent cinemas and 14 film festivals with a total of more than 4,000 screens in 46 countries.
    The newly elected board meets in person during the Cannes Film Festival. For interviews please contact the CICAE office in Berlin.
    Executive Board
    Christian Bräuer, President (Germany)
    Francois Aymé, Vice President (France)
    Domenico Dinoia, Vice President (Italy)
    Mario Fortin, Vice President (Canada)
    Peggy Johnson, Vice President (USA)
    Eva Morsch-Kihn, General Secretary (France)
    Renaud Laville, Treasurer (France)
    Mira Staleva, Associated member of the executive Board (Bulgaria)
    Board of Directors
    Christian Bräuer, President, (Germany)
    Francois Aymé (France)
    Tibor Bíró (Hungary)
    Marijana Bošnjak (Croatia)
    Michele Crocchiola (Italy)
    Domenico Dinoia, (Italy)
    Tobias Faust (Switzerland)
    Mario Fortin (Canada)
    Tanja Helm (Austria)
    Mathias Holtz (Sweden)
    Peggy Johnson (USA)
    Marieke Jonker (The Netherlands)
    Hannele Marjavaara (Finland)
    Eva Morsch-Kihn (France)
    Javier Pachón (Spain)
    Petra Rockenfeller (Germany)
    Mira Staleva (Bulgaria)
    Honorary Presidents
    Roland Probst (Switzerland)
    Gabriele Röthemeyer (Germany)
    Detlef Rossmann (Germany)

    The International Confederation of Arthouse Cinemas is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting cultural diversity in cinemas and festivals. It was founded in 1955 by the national arthouse cinema associations of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Today it counts more than 2100 members and 4000 screens across 46 countries, representing 12 national and regional associations, 60 individual cinemas, 14 festivals and 4 special members.