GOLDEN FRUIT PLAN 2021 call for projects till September 30th

    The Golden Fruit Plan is initiated by The Golden Tree International Documentary Festival, the Golden Tree Documentary Fund, both based in Germany and Beijing and the Arkana Film Studio, based in Warsaw, Poland. The partner is Wajda School. It aims to discover new talents and promote cooperation and co-production of documentary film making between China and Europe.

    The project will be organized as diagnostic training workshops and courses, held annually  in China and Europe by taking turns. Acclaimed documentary experts will join young  documentary film makers on their project development, and participate in survey and script writing, preliminary shooting, pre-sale and trailer making, etc. 

    The training strives to improve their professional skills and help them entering professional  production field with cross-cultural understanding. It will also help the future distribution of  films in the international market through pre-sale and incubation. 

    The Launch of first Golden Fruit Plan in 2021 is Running 

    The first Golden Fruit Plan will be hosted by the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival and the Arkana Film Studio, and open to proposals from China and Europe. 10 proposals, 5 each of China and Europe, will be shortlisted by the team of experienced and  well-known industry professionals. Directors, producers or editors, up to 2 representatives  per project, will be invited to participate in the diagnostic training courses. 

    After sessions of one-on-one guidance and a series of theme training courses, the Golden Fruit  Plan will select 2 outstanding proposals from China and Europe respectively, to peach directly  on the 2021 Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival ceremony. The courses will take place in November 4th to 6th, 2021 in Paris. The pitching and pre-selling will also be carried out through partnership with other documentary festivals.

    Selection Rules: 

    Genre: Documentary, including documentary series /documentary films/ creative or interactive documentary projects. 

    Theme: With links to China, Poland / Europe, be innovative in style of filmmaking and  storytelling, or having an author’s point of view. 

    Duration: Unlimited 

    Participants: Junior and senior students in university, including master and PhD candidates or graduated recently and working on their first or second documentary projects. 

    Subtitles: All projects are required to have English subtitles. 

    Submission: till September 30, 2021 


    1. The proposed projects should be in the stage of researching, shooting or post-production. Finished documentaries will not be accepted. 
    2. Projects with contents which may cause religious or ethnic conflicts will not be accepted. 
    3. The proposed projects should be original works with copyright or authorization from the  copyright owner. 
    4. There is no limit to the number of projects submitted by each company or individual, and  each project must complete a separate registration form. 

    Registration method 

    1. Registration Form (Please see the attachment) or apply via the FORM
    2. 3-minute Trailer (format mp4) 
    3. Project introduction (including project and production team introduction), format: PPT 4. Poster or stills, format: JPG 
    4. Email registration: 


    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Contact Person: Dorota Roszkowska
    Phone number: +48 604 579 333 


    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
    Contact Person: Yao Xiao
    Phone number: +86 18611716637

    Selection and Terms 

    1. The organizing committee has right to refuse applications , Which don’t meet the selection  criteria. 
    2. After the deadline for registration, 20 shortlisted projects will be selected by the judges. The  results will be emailed to the applicants and published on the official website of the Golden  Tree International Documentary Film Festival, www.goldentreefestival.com
    3. Participants in the shortlisted projects are required to respond within 15 working days to  confirm their participation. 
    4. The organizing committee has right to use application materials including stills, posters and  trailers in cinema, television, internet, mobile television and other media or public places.
    Last modified on 23-09-2021