CEE Animation Workshop Opens to All European Film Professionals

    Submissions deadline: 15 November 2021

    CEE Animation Workshop is a year-long programme for developing projects and enhancing the skills of producers in the field of animation. The programme is open to professionals from all member states participating in the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. With its holistic approach, CEE Animation Workshop accompanies
    a project from its early stages to a fully developed project ready to access the international market for financing.

    CEE Animation Workshop is tailored to the needs of producers and their creative teams who have animation projects of any format (short films, TV, feature films, hybrid films, XR) in development. It is also open to a limited number of career-oriented producers or film professionals who want to develop a long-term strategy for their company or business with a focus on animation.

    The workshop focuses mainly on producers and projects from countries with low production capacity. The programme also invites producers and projects from medium and high production CEE Animation Workshopcapacity countries to apply if they have a proven link or interest in co-development and co-production with low production capacity countries or the CEE region.  “In 2022, we are opening the CEE Animation Workshop to participants from all MEDIA participating countries, not just those from countries with low production capacity. We are addressing the trends and needs of the animation industry, in particular the need to seek partnerships with a wide range of European partners. CEE Animation Workshop continues to focus mainly on low production capacity countries but will be expanded as a bridge to facilitate collaboration in line with Creative Europe MEDIA's newly adapted strategies to support co-development between high and medium/low production capacity countries,” explains Juraj Krasnohorsky, Head of Studies. In addition, CEE Animation Workshop offers a limited number of scholarships. 

    The programme is structured as a combination of group work, individual work with tutors, lectures, masterclasses, panels and case studies. There will be a practical focus on making significant progress in developing scripts, visuals and production packages. The workshop culminates in a final one-on-one presentation of a full production package and pre-recorded pitch to a carefully selected group of industry players including representatives from funding bodies, broadcasters, producers, sales agents and distributors. In addition to participation in the full workshop program, career-oriented participants (participants without a project) receive personal mentoring for their career and business strategy development.

    The programme is led by renowned producers and animation script consultants in the role of group leaders, who closely monitor and mentor projects throughout the duration of the program. Lectures, masterclasses, case studies and individual consultations are delivered by recognized industry experts and professionals. 

    The 2022 edition of the CEE Animation Workshop will consist of
    4 modules; 3 modules will be online and 1 module will be on-site. 

    The deadline to submit the application is on 15 November 2021.
    Detailed guidelines, the application form and further information can be found on www.ceeanimation.eu

    CEE Animation Workshop is organized with the support of Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA.


    About: https://ceeanimation.eu/workshops/2021-cee-animation-workshop/call/

    Regulations: https://ceeanimation.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CEE_Workshop-Regulations_2022.pdf

    Documents to check: https://ceeanimation.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CEE_Workshop-List-of-documents_2022.pdf

    Submission form: https://ceeanimation.eu/cee-animation-workshop-2022/

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