Europa Distribution Workshop at IDFA in Amsterdam 2021

    Europa Distribution Workshop 
    IDFA in Amsterdam
    21 - 23 November 2021

    From November 21st to 23rd, Europa Distribution will hold a workshop dedicated to the distribution of documentaries at the IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Around 25 independent distributors, all members of the European Network of Independent Film Distributors and Publishers, will participate in a session organised in collaboration with IDFA as part of their Industry Programme.

    The closed workshop will host case studies on recent European documentaries released by Europa Distribution's members in different European countries. At this occasion, Distributors Mirva Huusko (Nonstop Entertainment, Sweden), Hana Kijonka (Aerofilms, Czech Republic), Mika Siltala (Cinema Mondo, Finland), Fredrik Scholze (Arthaus, Norway), Huub Roelvink (Cherry Pickers, The Netherlands), Jakub Duszynski (Gutek Film, Poland), Lara Meyer (mindjazz pictures, Germany), Safirah Dijkstra (Cinema Delicatessen, The Netherlands), Christina Hug (Filmcoopi, Switzerland) and Kim Foss (Camera Film, Denmark) will share their experience regarding their publishing work, release strategies and promotional campaigns for documentaries released recently. They will present detailed analysis, focusing on audience targeting and admissions results, theatrical exploitation in case cinemas were open at release time in their country, and/or VOD releases, on the following films: Gunda (Norway), Billie (UK), I Am Greta (Sweden, UK), Woman (France), The quest for Tonewood (Norway).

    Thanks to the Europa Distribution - IDFA partnership, attending distributors will also participate in the IDFA activities, including works in progress and special screenings, meetings and networking events, looking for the next documentaries to release.

    Europa Distribution's next activity will take place in Bordeaux, in the scope of the Cartoon Movie event in March 2022 and will be dedicated to case studies on animated films released recently.

    Europa Distribution is the association of independent film distributors. With around 115 leading independent distributors representing 30 countries in Europe and beyond, it serves as the voice of the sector and acts as a network and a think tank. Since 2006, Europa Distribution has been creating new bridges for its members to share knowledge and exchange experience. Through dedicated brainstorming and training sessions, open panels, informal gatherings, the Association’s aim is enhancing the circulation of information and ideas and to improve the curation, promotion and distribution of independent films. 

    With the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union