What it’s like to work with our Tutors? Scholarship applications close on 22 Nov

    One week left to apply to Kids Kino Lab scholarship programme for writers / script consultants and a young producer.

    To give you some insight on what it is like to work with our tutors as their assistants, we asked Marie-Gabrielle Peaucelle and Emma Drost Jensen, our tutors assistants during Kids Kino Lab 2021 edition:

    "Being an assistant to Philip LaZebnik at Kids Kino Lab was an incredible experience. I got to work on very different projects and learned many tools from Philip to analyze and give feedback on a treatment and a script. Besides, the various masterclasses that were given throughout the year either by other mentors or external guests were very rich. Finally, meeting all the participants from different countries, sharing ideas and experiences, was very thrilling. I really recommend to apply as an assistant, you will learn a lot, meet a lot of professional experts, caring to share their work and experience". - Marie-Gabrielle Peaucelle

    "Being an assistant as part of the Kids Kino Lab program has helped me to connect to a lot of new people working on new and innovative projects as well as helping me develop my own skills as a producer. Both through the tutorship of producer Ronald Kruschak but also through working on and help guiding such different projects as you find in the Kids Kino Lab. During the active Lab weeks it is hard, time-consuming but rewarding work. I can only recommend being part of the Lab especially if you want to expand your network and you personal skills". - Emma Drost Jensen

    Fingers crossed that this programme is just a beginning of the beautiful careers of Marie-Gabrielle as a script consultant and Emma Drost Jensen as a producer!

    Application deadline: 22 November

    Do you have first experience in writing, script consulting or production? Are you looking for a programme where you can practice your knowledge in international environment and learn new tools and methods in terms of running the projects for young audiences? Would you like to assist our Tutors and learn from them? Why don’t you give it a chance and apply to Kids Kino Lab scholarship programme?

    As an assistant at our scholarship programme, you will acquire skills in the scope of:

    • the construction of the movie script,
    • analysis of script,
    • tools used for consultation of projects: scripts or production aspects,
    • building a childhood movie hero,
    • understanding the market mechanisms of European children’s film productions, such as how films for children are financed, distributed, or sold.

    You will have a chance to:

    • take part in face to face sessions in Poland (2 sessions, one at Kids Kino Industry), Belgium during JEF Festival and Czech Republic during Zlin Film Festival,
    • attend online individual and group consultations with our Tutors and Kids Kino Lab participants,
    • meet emerging filmmakers and industry experts in the field of kids content.

    The recruitment process

    Step 1. Apply for the programme at Kids Kino Lab website. Deadline is November 22.

    Step 2. Among all the applications, the tutors and Kids Kino Lab organizers will choose the shortlisted candidates who will be invited for the online interview.

    We will let all applicants know if they are put through to the next step or not.

    Step 3. Online interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Between 23 Nov. – 26 Nov.

    Step 4. Final decision. The selected scholars will be notified by the organizers via email at the beginning of December.

    Important information:

    The scholarship is free of charge, which means there is no fee to take part in the programme, but at the same time, the participants will not be receiving a salary. Accommodation and food for participants during the stationary sessions is provided by the organizer, however, the travel costs are on the participant’s side.

    You can take part in our scholarship either as a script consultant or a young producer (please check the right box in the application).

    The working language is English, which means it is essential that you can communicate effectively in English.

    The programme kicks off at the beginning of 2022.

    Application deadline: 22 November.

    Learn more about the programme HERE or APPLY NOW!

    Kids Kino Lab is an industry part of Kids Kino International Film Festival.

    The programme is co-financed by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe and Polish Film Institute.

    Kids Kino Lab partners are: Zlin Film Festival, JEF Festival, Kids Kino Industry.

    If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Last modified on 24-11-2021